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The Real Cost Of Sick Leave


The Real Cost Of Sick Leave In light of South Africa’s current economic state, employers are increasingly facing greater challenges just in order to survive in the market place. South Africa is a predominantly labour-intensive country and therefore it is only natural to assume that [...]

The Real Cost Of Sick Leave2018-10-16T12:22:54+00:00

Compensation & The Minimum Wage


Compensation & The Minimum Wage Whether you are entering the job market for the first time as a high-school or university graduate, or re-entering the job market after a hiatus (such as maternity leave, or a medical leave of absence), or just looking for a [...]

Compensation & The Minimum Wage2018-10-22T10:31:37+00:00

Amended codes For BEE – A Reminder


Amended Codes For BEE - A Reminder The amended codes for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) that came into effect in May 2015 continue to cause confusion and anxiety among business owners in South Africa. The amended codes are stricter, especially with regards to scoring [...]

Amended codes For BEE – A Reminder2019-09-02T09:23:08+00:00

Change Management


Where imbalance exists, forces are disturbed and manipulated to achieve balance once again, even if this means the balance does not look like the balance held before. The ecosystem is a good example where disruptions in the food chain may have catastrophic impact on other [...]

Change Management2014-02-18T10:18:35+00:00

Succession Planning


On 24September we celebrate our rich and diverse heritage, reminding us of our past journeys, triumphs and struggles underpinned by various traditions and beliefs. Where we come from gives us great meaning; it tells us who we are and steers us toward future considerations, what [...]

Succession Planning2014-02-18T10:17:01+00:00
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