We help your company manage workplace discipline, resolve labour disputes and provide practical solutions to ensure legislative compliance and mitigate business risk.

  • Our professional consultants assume the role of chairperson for disciplinary hearings, incapacity investigations, grievance resolutions and poor work performance counselling sessions.
  • We help implement processes related to operational requirements and restructuring in line with legislative requirements

Collective Bargaining and Negotiation

  • Our consultants assist with dispute resolution proceedings, including conciliation and arbitration at the CCMA or relevant Bargaining Council
  • Consultation and negotiation with trade unions also form part of our services as well as other elements of collective agreements, and organisational rights.
  • We assist management every step of the way during strikes and accompanying employee negotiations
  • We make sure you are equipped and informed about legal compliance including the provision of employment contracts and essential employment policies and procedures.
  • Use our unlimited support and advice on all labour related queries to help you find the solution that is right for your business.


Upskill and empower your managers and supervisors in basic labour relations with our interactive workshops which includes:

  • Introduction to labour relations and disciplinary action in the workplace

  • Labour relations and disciplinary action in the workplace

  • Understanding the functions of the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and the Department of Labour

  • Substantive and Procedural fairness

  • Progressive disciplinary steps

  • Classification and type of transgressions within the workplace

  • Factors that influence a sanction

  • Disciplinary Inquiries: Initiating and preparing for the inquiry

  • Poor work performance, incapacity and absenteeism


  • Performance Management

  • Employment Equity

  • Skills Development

  • BBBEE Consulting

  • Health & Safety Compliance

  • Payroll


We facilitate the development and implementation of a customised performance management system that focuses on achieving company, team and individual goals. Our process involves co-creating a simple, yet effective performance management system and process which includes training team leaders to maintain a process that delivers results.


  • We help companies integrate employment equity legislation in a practical and meaningful manner that focuses on valuing diversity and inclusion.

  • An assigned consultant guides you every step of the way to ensure your company complies with the Employment Equity Act.

  • We work closely with assigned employees to help explain, train and translate legal jargon into actionable, everyday language and steps.

Our service includes:

  • Analysis of company procedures to identify possible barriers to EE
  • Development and implementation of relevant policies
  • Establishing the EE committee, and facilitation of meetings
  • Demographic analysis of company workforce
  • Develop EE plan and affirmative action measures to address demographic and company procedures gaps
  • Completion and submission of EE reports to the Department of Labour


  • We take on the role of Skills Development Facilitator to ensure your company’s annual submission of the Workplace Skills Plan, Annual Training Report and Pivotal plan is done on time.
  • We act as liaison with the relevant SETA on behalf of your company to help you claim for the mandatory grant.
  • Extensions of this service includes conducting skills audits, identifying training needs and recommendations for B-BBEE purposes.


  • Our consultants assist every step of the process in pre-audit preparation.

  • We create a B-BBEE plan with you along with recommendations and guidance on what measures will best suit your company to reach the desired rating.

  • We work closely with the verification agency to make sure the required documents are ready and submitted on time for.

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  • Our service identifies, recommends and guides your company’s Health & Safety requirements in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • A trained consultant conducts a comprehensive risk assessment of the company premises and compiles a report aimed at highlighting preventative actions to minimise risk areas.

  • We include a complete OHS file inclusive of all relevant documentation, legal agreements, and record of relevant forms and facilitate the establishment of a Health & Safety committee.


  • We use reliable and well-known payroll systems to ensure the accurate processing of your company’s payroll.
  • Administration of all weekly & monthly earnings & deductions on payslips.
  • Correct taxation of employee income according to SARS tax tables and IRP 5 codes
  • Provision of electronic payroll reports that are customised to your needs
  • Provision of information regarding third party payments, to be made by the comapny.
  • Statutory reporting and annual PAYE reconciliation to SARS (IRP 5’s)
  • Provision of banking file
  • Provision of Employee PDF or VIP laser payslips
  • We make sure salaries and wages including deductions and taxation are processed on time and correctly.
  • Monthly UIF electronic submissions
  • Completion of EMP201 to be submitted to SARS via E-filing by the company (PAYE, UIF & SDL)
  • We can also provide you with customised payroll reports, payslips and continued payroll support over and above the pay day essentials.
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Our Industrial Psychologists can assist you in making wise and informed choices about your staff members – whether you’re looking to make well-informed decisions about their futures, or your organisation is interested in focussing recruitment efforts in order to select and promote the most suitable candidates within the organisation.

Services for Enterprises Include:
• Assisting with pre-employment testing of candidates
• 360 assessments
• Skills and Ability Testing
• Psychological Assessments


  • HR Policies and Procedures

  • On-boarding and induction programme design

  • Job Grading and Salary Benchmarking

  • Psychometric Assessments

  • Workshops:

    • Performance Management for managers
    • Employment Equity Committee training
    • Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
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